INTERVIEW: Judy Cheeks

Thank you Talk About Pop Music for a great interview and all your support.

Talk About Pop Music has an exclusive chat with legendary singer Judy Cheeks!

by Christopher Smith

Judy Cheeks made a triumphant return to music last month with her sensational new album “Danger Zone”. And it seems by your reaction to it, it’s been more than welcomed with open arms! So we took five and sat down with Judy to ask her about the album, her love of music and what happens next!

Judy Cheeks

TAPM: So firstly many congratulations on “Danger Zone” – it’s a terrific album! Has it turned out just as you wanted it to?

JC: Thank you! I’m so glad you like “Danger Zone”! I can honestly say it has surpassed all my expectations and has given me much joy to see so many positive reactions to it. It’s great when people ‘get’ what you’re saying and like it. We had total freedom putting this project together, without the pressure or restraints…

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