REVIEW: ‘A Deeper Love’ – Judy Cheeks

Thank you Talk About Pop Music for the first great review.

Talk About Pop Music

Judy Cheeks – “A Deeper Love”

by Christopher Smith

Hot on the heals of last year’s “Danger Zone“, soul and dance legend Judy Cheeks follows that amazing album up with yet another, “A Deeper Love”, released today. So what’s it like? Well here is a track-by-track rundown of everything to move and groove to.

1. Gotta Love A Different Way

We start with a journey back to the early 1980’s R’n’B-dance that will have you up on your feet in a ‘Fresh Prince of Bel Air’ kinda way!

2. Till The End Of Time

Soulful and sexy harmonies and vocals abound with a definite R&B bass for this next track that will move you just a little bit closer to someone on the dance floor!

3. Back Off!

More ‘deeper’ funk and blues rhythms now with a very strong and clear message from the chorus – “back off!…

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