The Miami girl welcomed home

I’ve had one of the most amazing weekends in my life….
Going home didn’t just mean a quick trip to Miami…
First I was inducted into my High School Hall of Fame along with some of the most incredible people God has created! I was honored just being included in the company of such greatness!
Sunday I went back to my church, Greater Israel Bethel Primitive Baptist church where my real life started… It felt so good to sing there again! Experiencing the love of my “real” family was just Church family has kept me lifted in prayer my entire life…that’s why I’m still here and extremely blessed!
And to top it all off, I witnessed the amazing Larry Little, my brother, receive the distinct honor of having a street named after him right in front of Booker T Washington High School! There could never be a more deserving tribute! Larry has not let fame or success remove one ounce of his love and kindness. He’s given back more to the community than anyone I know! That’s because his mother Ida Little instilled in him the true value of blessing others…She was a mother to all of us and I will always love and cherish her…
So, here are a few pics….
If you want to see me singing in church go to the 2022 Greater Israel Bethel Primitive Baptist Church page here on FB…
You can enjoy the entire service ….I’m singing around 1:30….
I want to thank my brother Robert Squire for putting this all together and also the awesome Linda Little for making sure everything went so brilliantly …..
I am extremely grateful and thankful for my very blessed life and for all who make it that way….I love you

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